📚 If you’re interested in building great teams you owe to yourself to read this book.

What are the common ingredients of great team cultures?

We all have an idea of what a great team culture might look like. Few of us might even know what that feels like.

This is a book that looks at the best team cultures and exposes the group behaviors with…

Make a big difference with a little software

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Two trends are becoming increasingly apparent in the software development world.

  • It is becoming easier by the day to build a software product.
  • The number of people in search of ideas for those software products is increasing.

With the advent of no-code solutions and the hacker/maker movement, we, more than…

Motivated, happy, teams get you something you want, but only teams in harmony get you something special

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Talking with Your Manager, Fast and Slow

In the omnipresent tome of wisdom that is Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, we are presented with two modes of thinking. Making my best effort to not murder with simplification the life’s work of a Nobel laureate, it works like this: without noticing, we are either employing System 1

Don’t let your side projects fall by the wayside

Photo by david henrichs on Unsplash

Software developers don’t agree on a lot of things. You have infinite fertile ground for debate around programming languages, IDEs, frameworks, operative systems, libraries, patterns, best practices, or counter variable names. What we all do agree on is that we hate wasting time on code that won’t bring any measurable…

Learn, build, have fun, repeat

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Will you start building one of these?

This is part two of my Side Projects Trilogy. On part one, I talked about How to Choose your Next Side Project so that chances of getting the most out of your side project mount on your favor.

On part three, we conclude…

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