8 Uncomfortable Insights From Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last

📒 Small ingredients that will make the difference in your Leadership recipe.

Filipe Silva
5 min readMay 5, 2021


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More than a book about how to be a good leader, this is a book on why we need great leadership, what it looks like and how we suffer without it. You still get plenty of advice on how to reach your best as a leader though. The first principles are all there: leaders go first and, after great leadership, incredible things will follow.

There’s a price to pay though.

Leaders just have to put the needs of others above their own.

#1 — The cultures that we love to rave about aren’t just built by leaders. But they go first.

Great organizations have great cultures. To build these cultures we need leaders providing cover from above, so people on the ground, feeling safe, can just look out for each other.

#2 — The best leaders will establish relationships with you.

For a species that spends so much time on social networks, we forget a lot that we are social animals. It’s through being social that we get to know each other, form relationships, and gain trust. When we lead it makes a difference to roam the office/factory/warehouse/etc and engage (even in remote). If there is no reason, that’s the reason. Why?

  • It’s a work-related “task” to form deep connections with the people we work with;
  • To know who they are, what they need, and what moves them;
  • To be there in the good times, so when difficult times come we are not strangers and we’ll be the first they turn to.

A heuristic to help: If the only time you talk with your people is in a daily, a department meeting, or with the help of a PowerPoint presentation you are doing something wrong. Roam the halls, engage, and expect surprises.

#3 — Leaders have a plan designed for them. They just need to find the best way to execute it.

  1. Teach your people the rules of the game you are playing;



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