📒 Small ingredients that will make the difference in your Leadership recipe.

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#1 — The cultures that we love to rave about aren’t just built by leaders. But they go first.

📚 If you’re interested in building great teams you owe to yourself to read this book.

Make a big difference with a little software

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  • It is becoming easier by the day to build a software product.
  • The number of people in search of ideas for those software products is increasing.

Motivated, happy, teams get you something you want, but only teams in harmony get you something special

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Talking with Your Manager, Fast and Slow

A definitive guide, with examples, on one of the most omnipresent Java keywords.

An atomic explanation of what’s the Java this keyword

A tale of my first experience with the Medium Partner Program

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  • You get a little better at writing;
  • You get a better idea of what people like to read;
  • You earn $0;
  • You spend 1 to 4 hours of your time;

Here’s how three articles just made my month

Don’t let your side projects fall by the wayside

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Learn, build, have fun, repeat

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A guide to help you choose side project ideas with purpose in mind

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